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Climbing Frog Belay Glasses
Climbing Frog Belay Glasses
Climbing Frog Belay Glasses
Climbing Frog Belay Glasses

Climbing Frog

Climbing Frog Belay Glasses

Regular price £24.99

They help you keep an eye on your buddy and don't bust your neck, what more could you ask for?... A great price? Well at only £24.99 and free postage and packing we won't break your bank. 
Need more reasons?
  • No more neck pain from belaying! 
  • Belay better! As you won't have to stop to stretch your neck, you can focus on the climber.
  • Save! Climbing Frog belay glasses are a cost-effective way to end belayers neck ache. 
  • 30-day money back guarantee no quibbles, no questions. 

30 day money back guarantee, no quibbles no questions.

Here's what the bloggers say
Samanthan on - "They are definitely staying in my pack and on my rack!” 
Emily on - "They are going with me 100% of the time to the climbing wall this winter."
Beth on - "I was able to keep an eye on the climber the whole time they were on the wall without straining my neck."
Anna Fedorova on - - "Wearing them does mean you don’t have to crane your neck nearly as far to see the very top of the route"

Richard L.
Very comfortable, straight forward product at a good price. I couldn't ask for more. :)
Angela H.
I like them, they're not too heavy and although the "looking up" things takes a bit of getting used to, they do make belaying much easier!
Peter G.
Love them. Sure, they look a little dorky—but not as dorky as the rolled up towel and slings I was previously using for neck support.
Ben W.
Comfortable and convenient.