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Prevention is better than cure

When it comes to belayers neck prevention is better than cure The best remedy is to not belay, the next best, is to not look up. At first glance, neither of these are really an option while on a climbing trip. So here are some belayers neck ache prevention tips: Change your footing. This is not always possible, we know. However, when you change your footing or position you can change the angle of the neck while still keeping an eye on your partner, this means you get to strain different muscles, and so it's not just the one set of muscles that have to take the burden.  Motion is lotion. The real problem is keeping your neck locked in one "hyperextended" position just...

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What actually is belayers neck?

“belayer’s neck” is not an official diagnosis, but most climbers know it all too well. That pain and stiffness in your neck and shoulders, that makes it difficult and painful to look upwards and makes your neck uncomfortable for days.  We all know how we get it too, (The clue is in the name) standing belaying often looking directly up, often for long hours with your head twisted awkwardly and thrown back to the point that your head is touching the top of your back. All of this making you grumpy and wishing that your partner would just hurry up and top out so that you don’t have to endure this anymore.  But, what actually is belayers neck?  Belayers neck is caused by either Muscle...

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